Benefits Wood Sealer / Wood preservative

Why seal and protect wood?

Why it is important to impregnate all exterior wood and exterior wooden structures with Woodseal Pro.

Wood is organic!

Something that is derived from a living or once-living organism is organic. All organic materials have the common characteristic that they are capable of decay and will naturally decompose. This natural decay or rot will slowly do its job. Wood rot is the way of nature to recycle wood.

Exterior wood – if left unprotected – will be damaged and deteriorate rapidly by the weather.

Prevent wood rot and decay

Wood rot and decay of wooden materials can be prevented by impregnating the wood with Woodseal Pro. If wood gets the proper attention and protection, it will be fully protected and continue to look beautiful for decades.

Woodseal Pro - benefits - wood protected, unprotected


Makes wood Water Repellent

Delays wood rot, decay and warping

Helps to prevent mold, mildew, algae and fungi

Protects against Freeze / Thaw cycles